What are the Differences Between a Bail and a Bond? – Insurance Magazine

If you’re arrested and then arraigned before a judge, at which point you have pleaded not in your defense, you’re entitled to bail. This is an amount that is determined by the judge, so that when you’ve paid, you’re free to leave jail. There is one catch. It is crucial to ensure your presence at the hearings in court when you are asked. If you don’t attend, it can lead to your arrest. If it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that you have a connection to the community is established, you may also get bail. If you have a job or take care for your family members, that can also be the case. The misdemeanor doesn’t mean that you should give up your family and work. You will need pay cash bail or utilize your credit card to pay the bail amount you have set. Once your case is heard and determined, the amount posted as bail will be returned to the bailee, less the cost of holding your cash.
If you don’t have enough money to pay for bail, then you may seek the assistance of an agent who deals with bonds. There are a few requirements and terms you have to fulfill. These include collateral. It can be your car or even your house. This ensures that the bail bond agency can retrieve their funds in the event you fail to pay it back. t63c6u4gzc.

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