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How to help someone with financial problems Compulsive people often don’t know why they are prone to engaging into destructive behaviours that compromise their professional, financial or even personal achievements. A professional therapy or financial coach is necessary to effectively assist the loved ones in understanding the reasons behind their behavior and how they affect their finances.

Most of these habits and actions are unconsciously motivated. You or your loved ones won’t be able to get away from their financial burden if they do not recognize the reason behind the issue. Being a supporter for a family member or friend with financial issues makes perfect sense. Your relationship and financial security are not affected by your support. Keep your distance from your partner and help them to establish clearly defined goals. This can help them to control their financial situation.

11. Don’t assume that your loved one is the cause of their fault.

It is common for people to be irritated with those struggling financially because they think their issues are self-inflicted. It’s easy to ignore or make negative criticisms of those experiencing financial hardship, like those who chose an unsuitable career path or failed to complete enough studies or have a lack of determination. It is a common belief that the luck of the draw, population trends, and other aspects of society have minimal bearing on someone’s economic situation and that an individual’s success in the financial realm is always determined by their own efforts.

A lot of unplanned circumstances in life, as well as catastrophes can be blamed, such as the medical bill, health issues as well as job loss or deaths, along with unplanned life events. Your loved one will doubt your capacity to comprehend their challenges if they accuse them or use generalizations. Being compassionate is the best way to assist anyone struggling with financial issues.

12. Make a difference by revealing your own financial troubles

It’s very difficult to talk about finances. Financial advice to someone who may not take them well might cause the discussion to become more


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