What You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney? – Code Android

our gut. Even though this isn’t an appropriate question to ask however, the way your body feels can tell you a lot about what you should know. It’s possible that you’re feeling uncomfortable or rush to meet with an attorney who is specialized in personal accident.

Always inquire about whether they are licensed in the state where the accident occurred. If they are not licensed or licensed in another state, they cannot ethically or legally be able to represent you and your claim.

Inquire if in contact with the case manager or the attorney who handles the course of your instance. Case managers are highly knowledgeable however they cannot give legal guidance. You should ask if they will be successful in dealing with the attorney throughout the case.

Find out how long you can expect between returned email and phone calls. It’s important to make sure you and your attorney are in the same boat. If they say it might take a couple of days, prepare.

For more questions to get answers from a personal injury attorney before hiring them, watch this video!


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