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How did lawyers become so accomplished? In this post, we will look at the origin of lawyers and the law in general.

Hammurabi’s Code of Laws was one of the first types of law. One of the difficulties this law created was the capacity to recall them all. These laws were difficult to keep in mind for most people. The law was designed with the purpose of creating equality for all however there was an order to them. That made them unfair.

The first evidence of democracy can be seen in the ancient Greece. In that society, there were many different kinds of law, for example, family law and public law.

The creation of many new laws was by King John in the year 1220. King John had to contend with the prospect of an revolt, and he decided to create laws that would help him keep the people from being displaced.

All societies have been governed by the same laws through their entire history. Due to these laws, it was necessary to specialize in law. This was the reason for the birth of lawyers.


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