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Best things to do before selling your home D. Is there mold or signs of insects constructing nests in it? If the answer is yes, continue with the damage restoration. The ethical thing to do is restore any insulation issues in your house, even though it might not be legal for all locations.
5. Check for Mold

Examining for the presence of mold is one essential thing you check before you sell your home. How do you identify places where mold has gotten out of control?

There is a smell and visible sign of mold. Check for any growths or spots on furniture or walls. Experts in health recommend checking for water standing near furnaces and air conditioners. Take note of any unpleasant smells, such as earthy or musty. These smells are usually indicative of mold.

A visual inspection is when inspectors of homes keep an eye out for these indicators. It’s usually up to you and your senses. Certain house inspectors use thermal imaging equipment that can detect dry or cold spots behind the walls. What happens if the home has been found to have mold? Can you sell a mold-infested home? How important is it to have mold?

The reason is that any evidence of mold within a house can be a major issue. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it is possible for mold to result in adverse health consequences. Some of these symptoms are a cough and sore throat, along with skin rash. However, does it always indicate the end of the road?

It is a fact that mold can weaken the structure of your home, pose a health risk and affect your house’s capacity to sell. A study conducted done by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that water and mold can be responsible for 21% (of the total of 21.8 million) asthma cases in the United States.

Good news! According to (an online directory of service providers that was founded in 2008) companies that inspect mold have the ability to eliminate or clear excess colonization and growth of mold.


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