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Lawyers are lawyers, especially if you’re thinking of becoming one in the future.

An antitrust lawyer is a practitioner of the law that shields commerce and trade from price fixing, monopolies by corporations, and other restrictions. Most often, businesses be required to engage an antitrust attorney during negotiations, mergers and deals, as well as price-fixing cases, and unfair competition issues with other corporations, etc. These lawyers are most commonly known by their names in Australia, South Africa and Europe as competition lawyers.

The majority of federal agencies hire antitrust lawyers. It is possible to work at one of the agencies, such as Federal Fair Trade Commission or Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. or the Office of Fair Trading, United Kingdom.

Their expertise must include knowledge of federal antitrust laws such like the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act. It is important that they are familiar with the specific laws of their respective states. While, similarly-minded attorneys in Europe should be familiar with the Treaty of Rome.

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