What Is a Server and How Does a Server Work? – MOR Tech

Storage and r. The narration of the video states that a server offers services to clients computers. A server, however, isn’t similar to client computers (PCs as well as smartphones) since it lacks a monitor and keyboard. In addition, unlike computers that keep personal data servers store all the data linked to the sites it hosts. How do the big computers work?

The narrator of the video, computer clients have the ability to connect to servers by using the web or the LAN (local space network). A client’s request to obtain information is made through their personal computer and is sent through the internet. The server will reply on the query.

However, the provision of requested data goes through a procedure because the server has to determine those who are sending requests and confirm that they are authorized to view the information they’ve sought. The server then relays requested information in a particular way that is accessible to the sender with an application for example browser.


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