Need-to-Know Car Maintenance Basics – Auto Trader California

You don’t know the best techniques to take care of your vehicle. This video will help you understand a few fundamental things every car owner must know.

Make sure you have all the liquids that your vehicle needs. That includes coolant, oils and windshield fluid. If the windshields of your vehicle have become damaged or worn out, you will need to replace them.

Make sure to check the levels of oil in your engine and then make sure to perform an oil change in the event that the levels are too low. Stick the dipstick in and clean it with a clean towel in order to gauge the levels. A lot of oil could be equally harmful as very little.

If the engine is low on oil, you can pour it in to achieve a higher amount of the lubricant. For more information, consult the owners’ guide. Tires should be checked for optimal pressure during car maintenance. In order to avoid any errors, remove the valve stem cap.

It is vital that drivers can swap flat tires to get new ones. Programming the tire system in order to extend their lifespan. Batteries that are dead should not be needed to start a car. nn9w2s729m.

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