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es. Even though a skilled roofing service is able to address a customer’s concerns concerning the procedure for replacing a roof knowing what’s going to happen from beginning to end will aid homeowners. Below are some guidelines for homeowners who do not know what to expect from the roof replacement.
The removal of an existing roof
According to the story’s narrator the roofing contractor will walk in, anchor their harnesses and start by eliminating the roofing material, such as metal panels, shingles, tiles, etc.
The Ice and Water Shield
The builder will install the cover wherever the direction of the roof changes, to provide protection against hail and rain.
The Starter Strip
The wind-resistant layer is placed throughout a roof’s surface to guard against lift in high winds.
The Finish Layer
The final layer may be anything from metal panels and shingles to tiles. The finish layer can be placed using a drill pneumatic nail gun , or drill press, based on whether nails or screws are used to join a roof. nyb7saaufm.

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