How to Install an Interior Door Lock – Interior Painting Tips

overs how to accomplish the installation of locks.

It is necessary to create a place for the cylinder of the deadbolt . This is done by drilling a hole in the door. Examine the door’s face to find where the bolt’s path. Also, you should drill a hole in this location. It is essential to make sure the hole is level enough to create an even and straight hole. It is strongly recommended that you use safety goggles to stop any slivers or wood chips from accidentally hitting you in the eye.

When you have made a hole through the door, place the bolt through the hole. Then, employ a Phillips-head or flathead screwdriver to securely screw it in place. The cylinder is the part that you install on the deadlock. It is best to start by installing it at the exterior and working to the interior. After you have screwed the different components of the lock in place, check the bolt to make sure that it can be inserted and removed without difficulty while protecting its security. Lastly, the strike plate must be secured against the mechanism by screws. 3lx2mlm6ze.

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