Art Is Not a Contest Find the Beauty in Unexpected Places – Strong Scene Contest

In order to spark your imagination You can make use of crayons, paints, or paintbrushes. It’s a great strategy to allow you to see art in new ways. Art isn’t a competition. There are no rules. When you begin to draw or develop your art, the further you push your boundaries to make even more stunning art. Although it’s great to admire the art made by other artists, you’ll be able to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you create the art of your own.
Learn the Art of Flower Pressing

This is a skill is worth learning. Making flower petals flat as well as leaves to make them decorative is the basic concept. By removing water, the beautiful shape of the flowers can be preserved. In the process of pressing flowers it is possible to do this using various, such as silk, cotton, linen wooden furniture and leaf trays. Flower pressing has long been practiced across the globe, with a particular emphasis in Japan as well as Germany. If you’re looking to master this skill, be sure you have all the basic materials in one place. It includes scissors, wax, parchment paper, a book or large projects, paper, and cutting shears.

It is best to start by choosing the perfect flower that should be fresh from being picked. Place the dried flower on parchment paper and press it gently. You then press the petals against a sturdy, flat surface. You can, for example, stack books over the petals. You’ll need to give the flower plenty of time dry for as long as up to three or four weeks. Once dried, the flowers can be placed in a frame put them into frames to create a distinctive attractive art installation. Also, you can use dried flowers to create various art pieces, such as flowers in a necklace, candles for decorations, a Wall clock, or even paintings for walls. There’s good news that you will find a variety of “press-worthy” flowers, for example, sunflowers, yarrow and lavender as well as blue hydrangea, blue hydrangea, and even mugwort through many flower shops.


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