Why The Best Digital Marketing Companies Use Topical Authority – Loyalty Driver

If this sounds confusing to the reader, this isn’t. Some of the top digital marketing agencies are trusted by small businesses to handle their search engine optimization. This video will explain what these firms can do to help you and how they work.

One of the most recent topics in SEO is the an area of topical authority. Topical authority, which Google utilizes to decide who is given the top spot in search engine rankings is based upon the highest coverage for an area. The system rewards sites that offer extensive coverage of the topic across many articles, sometimes even hundreds. It will lead to more users and traffic on these sites.

Blogs and articles make a huge difference in establishing an authority within your industry. Digital marketing firms begin with identifying the key words and topics associated with the business. They will then create a list of articles that can be published on these keywords and the subjects. This will help Google to rank your website as an authority on the topic due to the high number and quality of articles that are written on the subject.


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