How to Prepare for a Bridal Shower – Amazing Bridal Showers

If you’re to be a part of one or both, your task as maid of honor is to gather the complete guest list.

The second rule is that anybody who gets an invite to the bridal shower should also be invited to the wedding.

Select an idea

The options available are numerous and overwhelming, this is typically a tough list to cross off on your wedding shower checklist, especially for first-timers. If you want to know the expectations and needs of your bride-to-be before beginning to plan it, talk with her.

While having a few unexpected surprises in your closet is exciting, you want be sure that this wedding shower is reflective of the bride’s personality, not yours and any bridesmaids. You can begin exploring theme possibilities once you’ve got an idea of what you think your best friend’s wants as well as ideas about how you can plan a bridal shower.

Choose, order, and Send Invitations

After you’ve figured out who’s going, where they’re coming from, and when it’s time to start the bridal shower planning is to get the invitations printed, delivered, and sent out. Send them out at least one month prior to the event date to provide out-of-town attendees the opportunity to arrange travel arrangements.

Set the RSVP date 2 weeks prior to the bridal shower so you have time to plan and decide on information based on the amount of guests. It is important to make sure that the invitations contain details about the date, the location, and wedding registry information. If there is a theme where guests have to come up with ensure that you mention it on invitations.

Choose your decorations

The options are as straightforward or elaborate as you’d like in the bridesmaid’s shower theme, based on the theme of your bride’s wedding, venue, and personality. The bride and you have helped choose every aspect, from the flowers to cakes to cake decorations. The next step is to take your turn to plan your own decor. Nevertheless, getting a third-party


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