Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed? – Dental Magazine


It’s not a problem about having your wisdom teeth extracted. This is a simple procedure nearly everyone undergoes, and doesn’t hurt as much as you might think. Read on to find out why wisdom teeth are extracted as well as the procedure for removal.

The reason wisdom teeth are taken out is to stop gum infection or gum disease. A surgeon for oral surgery is needed to carry out this procedure.

To remove wisdom teeth, oral surgeons begin by numbing the region with an anesthetic. After that, they open the gum and remove the tooth. This makes it easier to remove. After the molar has been removed, your oral surgeon can stitch the gums shut and then you’re done.

The reason we have wisdom teeth is that they helped our ancestors chew hard food such as roots and meat. However, today they’re often not able to be accommodated in our jaws, which are narrower. If they aren’t able to fit then the wisdom teeth become caught under the gums, and may cause dental infection or even push teeth to the side of their position.

To learn more about why and how wisdom teeth get removed, watch the above video!


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