How to Safely Cut Down a Tree – Family Tree Websites

at any time, contact an experienced tree removal service. The video below will demonstrate how to safely remove the tree.

When you are removing trees, check the area for people, pets, structures, as well as electric lines. It is possible to contact an expert if you see structures or power lines nearby. Prepare an area where the tree can fall if there’s no power lines nearby. Additionally, plan an escape route to avoid the moment that the tree begins to fall. Get rid of any things likely to cause a crash.

After you’ve cleared the area You will then need to cut the tree at 70 degrees on which side it is. The goal is to cut roughly 25% of distance through the tree from the angle of 70 degrees. For a notch to be created, it is necessary to cut the tree at 90 degrees to the point of your first cut. Next, form a felling cut. This will start with one end and work its way to the point where it will end. The cut should be slightly greater than the top of your notch. The notch must be made prior to cutting all the way. Complete the cutting. Go to the opposite side of the location where the tree is falling before you start to start to creak.


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