What is Thyroid Eye Disease? – Bright Healthcare

ere. The condition is known by health professionals. Though it’s not a common condition, it’s important to be aware of indicators and ways to prevent these symptoms in different types of eye health care. The video gives an in-depth examination of the thyroid eye disease and common treatments.

Progressive inflammation of the muscles, fat and connective tissues around the eyes may cause eyesight problems, as well as eyes that hurt due to thyroid disease. The active stage of the condition lasts from 6 to two years. It can cause swelling, inflammation, and damage to the eyes, along with symptoms. These phases are more inactive and the progression is stopped but signs remain the same. Inflamed or bulging eyes are two indications that you are suffering from thyroid eye disease. If you notice these signs present in your eyes, make an appointment with a doctor right away to get the treatment for eye diseases that you require to effectively control and manage the condition. Eye disease caused by thyroid can be controlled with medicines or treatment for other conditions.


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