Large Nascar Crash in Atlanta as John Smoltz Joins the Booth – NASCAR Race Cars

An amazing Nascar race! The racers unleash a massive rev of the engine when they begin and then the cars let out a loud whoosh as they speed through the crowd. The fans may also be a part of a car wreck. The crashes are fun as long as nobody gets hurt. But, if you find yourself injured in a crash ensure that you get yourself a trustworthy car crash attorney. In the video below, you’ll see the huge Nascar crash in Atlanta.

At the end of lap 146, Nascars rounded a turn and Tyler Reddick lost control of his right rear tire. His car was able to dip down towards the turf. The car collided with another vehicle, causing a series of accidents that saw several cars spin around. Only a handful of cars were able to get out of the crash zone with no harm. Kevin Harvick was one such driver. John Smoltz was impressed by the accident, as this was his first experience watching a race from the stand. In addition, he had the chance to drive the pacecar earlier during warmups.


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