Camping During Covid – Travel Packing Tips

has kept us all defaulting to indoor fun, but a few campers are determined as ever to venture out into nature and pitch their tents. Campsites are a preferred choice for thousands, as they’ve proven to be great source of stress relief. Even though you’re not convinced that camping out in the wilderness for more than a few days could pose contamination dangers, this video will explain what to do during Covid-19.

The CDC is adamant about keeping the distance between you and other campersespecially as trails can be difficult to navigate. Make sure you wear a mask , if possible or bring along the basic items. You should have a place to wash your hands in case there are other camping companions. Use gloves when you’re intending to let doors open to toilets and showers that are accessible to the public. Camping has not changed much since the beginning of this year. It is important to keep your campsite neat and tidy. Stay secure!


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