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house. It is usually a straightforward repair of turning off the fuse off and then turning it back on. There are many other things that an electrical panel is able to do. In this instructional video, you’ll get some basic information.

Owners of homes must know to recognize and correct any electrical problems in their electrical panel. This will enable you to save some money because it’s unlikely that you’ll need call electricians if you can identify and resolve the issue on your own.

This video describes how the three-wire system works. In most cases, there is three wires, namely red, black and white wire. Both the black and red wires, that are called hot conductors can deliver 120 Volts. The white wire is called the neutral conductor. This means it’s grounded, and is part of the electric loop.

Continue watching this video to discover more details regarding an electrical panel. This is an ordinary panel which is found in almost every home. Make sure you pay attention to his instructions because it’s possible to accidentally shock yourself with the wrong object.


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