How to Know If Your Car Is “Totaled” – Free Car Magazines

Your car could be totaled when it’s involved in an collision. Damage to your vehicle can result by anything, including a motorbike accident, an unbalanced wheel or even being hit by a T-bone. You can save your car from ruin by routine maintenance.

This video will show you how to tell if the vehicle you own is beyond repair. An insurance company considers a totaled car when the repair cost surpasses the real value of the vehicle. Because different damage will have a bigger impact on the cost, this is an important. So, it’s a good option to understand the real cost of your car.

First, you should consider your health before you decide to take action if your vehicle is involved in an accident. It is essential to examine the damage to your car and determine the condition of your car.

Make sure you work with a reliable mechanic that you trust. Trustworthy mechanics will tell you precisely what it will cost to make repair to your vehicle. It’s also smart to see multiple mechanics so you can do an analysis of costs.


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