How Can You Make Money As a Notary – Small Business Tips

They can verify documents’ authenticity , and also authenticate signatures. They allow you to play your role in the prevention of fraudulent cases and thus protect our society.

You should consider getting a notary license if had a bad experience with scams. You are keen to assist in the prevention of fraudsters from continuing to commit fraud.

A large portion of jobs available in the present is highly vulnerable to the effects of economic instability. When the economy is in an economic downturn like the recession, these positions are at risk. However, notaries are safe from recessions because there will always be documents which need to be verified.

See this short video of Edgy who reveals eight of the business services you can offer as a professional notary. Beyond general notary work, you can also provide fingerprinting services, remote no-notary service, apostille, field inspection, loan signing and mobile notary services and even assist in marriage ceremonies. akl9khdxs3.

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