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The other side it is structural, which includes a wider c-channel of steel that bolts the beams upright.

The selective rack type has an excellent selectivity, but low density. There is also the double-deep rack in case you require a greater volume of storage. Because it is built from back to back, you will need fewer aisles for your forklift.

In this video by Tractor Time featuring Tim, you’ll discover how important it is to set an incline rack for pallets to maximize the use of the space you have. Check out the way they have it set up in their pole barn to serve as a fantastic yet cheap storage solution.

Tim needed more floor space and decided to go with the best option he could find for better efficiency. This attachment is great to attach to small or big tractor. It’s the ideal solution to your shed or workshop. Go through the entire video to understand the basics of how it works and the best way to use it.

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