What Is a Digital Vehicle Inspection? – Car Talk Podcast


The mechanics that perform the inspections usually write down every detail by hand, in order to record all the details. This isn’t necessarily the most efficient method of conducting things, as the papers could get soiled, ripped, or carelessly disappear quite quickly. Enter digital inspections. Digital inspections enable mechanics to record all of a car’s information through a tablet. It is then possible to transfer it onto a network to be tracked.

Digital inspection software is continuously evolving. The above video highlights some recent developments in digital inspection software. This video illustrates that there is no digital inspection programs available. This software is compatible in conjunction with shop management systems and it is also able to be used with appointment scheduling as well as text messaging. For more information, keep watching the video to the right and check out this channel for additional information. It is our hope that you’ll find this information useful. We would also like to suggest that you grow your business by using the use of digital inspections in your shop.

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