What to Pack When Traveling to London – Travel Packing Tips


Londoners have a passion for fashion and make sure you pack trendy clothes.

Tube Pass Tube Pass

The list of items to pack of your trip to London during November must include the Tube pass or an Oyster card. This card lets you move on subways with no worries about changing your currency to different kinds whenever you need public transportation. It is useful for traveling to London.

This London Pass can also give travelers discounts. They can also allow visitors to get in line faster and go to all the famous Local tourist attractions without having to worry about buying tickets. Usually, you can see an outline of the things included in your pass when you have purchased it. So ensure you’ve read the fine print prior to purchasing one.

If you’re traveling into a different nation it is essential to bring all any necessary documentation to your travel pass. The passport will be stamped seal your passport using rubber the border by their immigration officials.

Documents that are required include passports return tickets, visa insurance policy, driver’s license. It makes everyone’s life simpler if all the necessary documents are present inside the bag for travel.

King’s Cross Station Map

The map is a must in the list of November’s packing lists. It’s best having a bit of knowledge of where this place is before you arrive in London because this train station is believed to be one of the major locations in Europe so getting around it may be difficult and difficult, particularly if not know exactly where it’s situated within the city.

Furthermore, it has seven platforms connected by various passages. Print out the map of the station if you forgot your phone at home. Make sure you are aware of where you want to stay because this would help give the taxi driver or other passengers directions.

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