Testing Mig Welding Techniques – Source and Resource

One such technique is called the “push angle” where the mig welder is pointing the tool to the left during the welding. To maximize efficiency it should be heard as if it’s “bacon frittering” while operating. It is also known as the “pull angle” is a different method that is used to drag the tip of the welding tool along the surface of the iron. This can result in more penetration and less spearing.

If you are moving the welding gun, some good pattern to observe are the cursive “e’s” in addition to “U’s” when doing the welding. By looping the gun, you can decrease its speed of travel. While practicing a more U-type pattern is likely to speed things up.

Another option for a shorter circuit, mig uses a stick weld. A file with teeth ground to it will help eliminate any slag left over after any stick weld.

In the case of an outside joint it’s suggested that a shorter, simpler pattern be done. They can be straight drag or back and forth forward and pause, as well as back-and-forth.

The Welding Tips and Tricks website is the ideal source for those looking to enhance their welding abilities. 59ojt8tqc3.

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