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In this clip, the Assisted Living Answer Man delves into what a skilled nursing service is compared to assisted living.

A viewer is asked a question within the video. A viewer is asking questions about a father with dementia. The viewer is trying to determine if skilled nursing should be preferable or assisted living within an assisted living facility. The major difference between these two is actually quite simple The skilled nursing services has nurses on staff, while assisted living services do not. If someone is suffering from dementia, based on the degree of disease it is likely that they will need the services of a nurse. Since assisted living actually implies independence with little interventions from health staff, a trained nursing care would likely provide the ideal solution for the patient’s problem.

For those with brain problems and/or brain disorders, locked facilities could be more suitable. If you’re interested in learning more or consider that a skilled care facility may be the best solution for your problem, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional local ones. e5xm3q9juc.

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