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A driver who drives a tow truck could earn quite. Chuck Chicarelli is a blue-collar millionaire. He earns all of his cash by driving the tow trucks. It has expanded and He offers customized tow trucks for both businesses and individuals. The process of making trucks that are custom-made to fit what clients require is a challenge but they’re also able to sell them at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chuck was born in poverty, and then he had to get a job at a young age. Chuck had to constantly come up with a method to earn money. The fact that he was poor put an enormous emphasis on the determination to succeed. His initial venture was fixing cars, and he created his own company. The owner was always getting his hands dirty, throughout the day and night. It’s hard to make it as a millionaire blue collar. Millionaires usually are white collar workers. The process requires hard work as well as determination and a lot of work. It also takes a lot of grit and determination. This video will provide further details on how you can set up a blue-collar business for towing. s9vdz7c745.

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