What Happens During a Fire Sprinkler Inspection? – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

This instructional video will teach how inspectors for fire sprinkler systems are looking for during the course of an inspection.

Scott Rose, a fire protection specialist with more than 22 years, discusses what is the proper procedure for inspections of fire sprinklers and what the fire suppression system inspector will be looking for when they conduct their inspection.

The value of having the right fire protection system is not to be overemphasized. With a proper sprinkler system, an fire can be put out in its tracks before it gets to the point at which it triggers massive destruction. Fires can cause only one-third of the damage they might cause if they weren’t.

If you’re planning to have the fire suppression system checked out, it’s a good idea to view this video to learn the specifics of what inspectors will be looking for. There is also the option of performing brief inspections as you like, but you still need to get professional inspections completed frequently. pt2z43p3q6.

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